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Three Weeks For Dreamwidth - Frequently-Or-Not-So-Frequently-Asked-Questions about Archaeology

  Hello Community !
I have been wondering lately what we could do for the "Three Weeks for Dreamwidth" event, and [personal profile] trouble , in the [community profile] history community, pointed to this really interesting project hosted by [personal profile] dingsi : collect -and answer to- frequently, and not so frequently, asked questions about a subject. It started with questions about Germany and now deals with a bunch of various subjects. I may be participating in the French prompt, hosted by [personal profile] snakeling , but I thought we may host one here too !

  So let me introduce you to

Three Weeks for Dreamwidth
Frequently-Or-Not-So-Frequently-Asked-Questions about Archaeology !

  That's easy : you leave a comment here with
- a question you always have wanted to ask about archaology
- a topic you always have wanted to explain to the world.

  It can be anything, as long as it has a link with archaeology. I think even archaeology in fiction works as literature or cinema should be OK. Always wanted to understand C14 dating ? Think that Dreamwidth needs to know about de Han dinasty of China ? Need a bibliography about a certain topic ? Want to know how to determine if a patella is a right one or a left one ? Just propose a prompt.

  Then go read the comments to browse the prompts and reply to the one(s) you would like to answer to, saying you'll propose an answer.

  I'll edit this post with the list of subject proposed and of prompts.
  To make things easier, please use [prompt] and [taken] in the subject of your comment.

  Three Weeks for Dreamwidth will begin on April the 25th, so the entries will have to be posted from this date and for three weeks. You can post your entries in this community to make it a little livelier or/and in your own journal. If you prefer not to post / crosspost to this community, be sure to comment here with the link to your article on your journal, and I'll update this post with a direct link.
  Even if it is supposed to last only three weeks, I'll go on updating this post if people go on proposing answers to the questions asked.

  I really hope this event will be as successful as it seems to be on the other areas concerned !

List of prompts and articles

  legislation : preventive archaeology  requested by [personal profile] trouble 
      ⇒ France and Japan cases, written by [personal profile] berangere 

  archaeometry : the use of other sciences in archaeology, requested by [personal profile] yvi 
     ⇒ archaeology and molecular biology, written by [personal profile] berangere 
     ⇒ archaeology and its use of other sciences, written by [personal profile] berangere 

  archaeology in fiction : favourite and least favourite depiction of archaeology, requested by [personal profile] snowynight 
     ⇒ article waiting for you opinions !

  physical anthropology : sex diagnosis from skeletons, requested by [personal profile] vacillating 
     ⇒ article written by [personal profile] marshtide 
     ⇒ article written by [personal profile] ossamenta 

  physical anthropology and archaeozoology : studying dead things, requested by [personal profile] lilmoka 
     ⇒ article written by [personal profile] marshtide 

  buildings archaeology : the use of archaeology in the study of architecture, requested by [personal profile] sbrackett 

ETA 25th of April :
  A community has been created for the ones who do not want to post their articles on their own journal : [community profile] fonsfaq 
  I think I'll crosspost everything I'll write, for a better accessibility to everyone on Dreamwidth.

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Prompt: Archaeology in fiction

[personal profile] snowynight 2011-04-23 04:59 am (UTC)(link)
What's your favourite and least favourite depiction of archaeology in fiction?
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Re: Prompt: Archaeology in fiction

[personal profile] snowynight 2011-04-26 02:36 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you.