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People's Daily (English) with pictures
London Metro

I haven't been able to find a decent-length article, probably because they only completed the excavations yesterday (and possibly also because it's China). The People's Daily article has the most pictures. Metro text under the cut:

Remains of horses and chariots found in 3,000-year-old tomb in China

Lying side by side, these horses have drawn a chariot in an ancient tomb for the past 3,000 years, which was recently discovered.

The equine bones, found in the Chinese city of Luoyang, have remained undisturbed since the early Western Zhou dynasty.

Archaeologists believe the 12 horses lying on their sides show the animals were slaughtered before burial, not buried alive.

As well as the horses and five chariots, bronzes and ceramics have escaped the clutches of history’s grave robbers.

Archaeologists are convinced that the perfectly preserved tomb belongs to an official or a scholar of standing, given the pottery, metal weaponry and inscriptions.

The tomb, a vertical earthen pit, has excited historians since it was discovered during the construction of a hospital.

It gives an unprecedented insight into the funeral customs in the early Western Zhou dynasty.

It was the time of the great Chinese philosophers of ancient times, including Confucius.

The latest find is reminiscent of the famous terracotta army of thousands of preserved soldiers, which was discovered in 1974 in the Lintong district.

It had also remained undisturbed for thousands of years.
The main thing that strikes me is that the horses look rather small by modern standards! Maybe it's a perspective thing, or perhaps they were simply pony-sized.
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